Using an OLED Display Module Offers a Plethora of Practical Advantages

Trying to Weigh Display Options? Here Are 5 Practical Advantages of an OLED Display Module

When you are developing a new gadget that requires a bright and clear display, consider going for an OLED display module. It’s more reliable and practical. Moreover, it can be used on just about anything.

An OLED or organic light-emitting diode display is a device that sandwiches thin organic carbon-based films between two conductors. Application of electrical current causes the structure to emit a bright light. This allows OLEDs to display characters and graphics without the use of backlighting.

Just to give you a better idea, here are some reasons why OLED display module is preferred by many.

1. They Are Thin and Easy to Work With

Unlike other types of display module, the OLED display module is designed to be thin and flexible. Therefore, you can easily mold them if you are looking to achieve a curved screen effect on your gadget. Since you can mold them according to your desired curve too, you can be sure that you won’t end up spending too much time refining your gadget’s “face.”

2. They Have a Brighter Display

Although the OLED display module is thinner, its display is relatively brighter than other types of displays. This makes it easier to view the screen even in the dark. OLED display modules also have a relatively large field of view of about 170 degrees, making it that much easier for someone to read or see whatever is on the display.

3. They Don’t Require Much Power

Perhaps, one of the best things about OLED display modules is that they do not require as much power as LCD’s. That’s because unlike LCDs, an OLED display does not require the use of backlight since it already generates its own light. This results in lower power consumption that extends the battery life of cell phones, notebooks, tablets, etc.

4. They Can Be Made in Different Sizes

Whatever handy gadget you’re designing, you can be sure that there is an OLED display that you can use since it comes in various sizes such as 1.2″ and 3.12″. Not to mention, some manufacturers can also customize the size according to your own requirements. Just be sure to give them the correct specifications.

5. They Are Cold Lighting Sources

Aside from being energy efficient, OLED display modules are more user friendly as they don’t heat up. That makes them convenient to use on wearable technology.

If you are looking to create an impressive gadget that requires displaying text or graphics, consider utilizing an OLED display module. It’s incredibly easy to work with. That way, you can be sure that whatever you create with it would be impressive and durable.


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