Mono Graphic LCD

Mono Graphic LCD:

Most of our displays are available in STN, FSTN, YG LED, White LED and with Touch Screen

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Choose from any of our Graphic LCD or Monochrome LCD displays module to enjoy crystal clear viewing in all areas of application. We offer a wide range of LCD displays for automotive interiors, medical appliances, and hi-bright wide view LCDs for outdoors, and indoor use in various consumer and industrial areas. Our Standard Monochrome Graphic LCDs comes in different LCD type such as FSTN (Film super-twisted nematic display), STN (Super-twisted nematic display) and TN (Twisted Nematic display). Each LCD has 2 forms of polarizers, one in front and one at the rear. Which is applied across the front of the displaying viewing surface and respectively across the rear of the display to determine how the infuse light into the display it self. Our monochrome LCD display does comes in the Polarizations Type of reflective, transflective and transmissive. The Graphic LCD polarizer type, reflective has an opaque rear polarizer that includes a diffuse reflector, such as brushed aluminum, this form of layer reflect light that enter the front of a display and back through the LCD cells. An Polarizer reflective, exhibit extreme high brightness, with excellent contrast and wide viewing angle. Most of our graphic LCD or sometime call LCD Graphic display module has a transmissive type this is where the display has a clear polarizer on the front and back of the display. This type of polarizer does depend on the light coming through from the back portion of the display toward the user front viewing area.

The Transflective Polarizer type does have a mixture of both transmissive and reflective, this means that the property of this polarizer has a translucent material which reflects part of the ambient light and also transmits backlighting. Many of our LCD modules come in a wide range of background colors such as gray, yellow, Negative, Positive. A graphic LCD display has many other properties such as wide operating temperature standard, high contrast, high brightness, high ambient light legibility, built-in controllers and selectable interface. The most common controller that I had seen in an graphic LCD display, are the Sitronix and AVANT controllers which have been use in many of our display. We have the standard Monochrome LCD display offerings as 122 x 32 pixel, 128 x 64 up to 320 x 240 pixel. The Standard Graphics LCD display performs a brilliant job on all kinds of text, graphics, pictures and full motion video. Most of our displays are available in STN, FSTN, array LED, Edge LED, YG LED, White LED etc…backlight color such as amber, blue, white, yellow/green, red & with Touch Screen. The construction type of our graphic monochrome LCD has a chip on board (COB), Chip on Glass (COG) and tape automated bounding (TAB). We can customize your LCM by interface changes such as changing the FFC/FPC locations to match your connectors, pin headers, cables. Changing the Interface type, as well as the mechanical design such as bazel, register, by either removing jumpers1 or 2 to provide independent power supply to a particular backlighting; in many cases we can customize anything to meet all of your needs and other accommodations such as customize external backligt control through A&K or LCD pins, Standard and custom wavelengths to match your logo/other LEDs, low power, high effiency LEDs for handheld end products, custom LED layouts (in parallel or in series)


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