About and Service

Microtips Technology OEM business division is the most dependable partner for design, development, manufacturing, assembly, logistic and after-sales services to global professional audio and Consumer-electronics enterprises.

Customers demand differentiated products, faster product delivery, lower costs, and higher quality and reliability. Our OEM business division creates and maintains differentiation by nurturing product and process innovations. We also enable our segments and business units to optimize product design and manufacturing by providing training, specifications, methodologies, and tools within our global design centers and factories.

Furthermore, Microtips OEM teams insistently seek to provide customers end-to-end services to choose from. We coupling manufacturing and logistics functions to reduce redundant processes throughout the supply chain, allowing the design, assembly and distribution of products to be completed and brought to market with fewer touches and less cost. We greatly appreciate the prospect of introducing ourselves and our service to your company.


OEM Service Highlights

Design & Development

• Mechanical Engineering, Technology, Enclosure Systems, Thermal and Tooling Design.

• Electronic schematic, System design

Manufacturing assembly 

• Fully equipped assembly, COB, COG, SMD, DIP processes.

• Test Service: computer testing services for assembled printed circuit boards, systems significantly improve our ability to deliver high-quality products.

• Material Procurement and Inventory Management: Offers the best solution based on the requirements of costs, deliveries, sources & stocks.

Ship & After-sales

• Logistic: Provides globally consistent logistics solutions for our customers’ brands.

• Helps customers make intelligent, informed decisions regarding lead times, bonding, stocking, and risk management for custom components and deliveries arrangement.