Wireless Power   

A member of A4WP and Licensee of Qualcomm


Rezence™ is a wireless power transfer technology and specification based on the principles of magnetic resonance. This technology offers superior features and capabilities, and is endorsed by the world’s leading mobile chipmakers, mobile phone manufacturers, and other key industry partners.

Wireless Charging - What Consumers Want & Care About

  • Easy and convenient charging of multiple devices
  • Colors, patterns & shapes that match décor
  • Streamlined, integrated device enablement
  • Cool, thin, portable and sleek designs
  • Works with portfolio of CE devices
  • True wireless charging experience
  • Ubiquitous charging locations

PRU-Power Receiver Unit Module : 550mW, 5W, 10W
PTU-Power transmitter Unit Module : 10W, 16W, 22W

Comparing Technology

Flexible vs. Tightly Coupled Solutions

RX TX Coil Coupled


microtips-technology-img1 Microtips Technology
Microtips technology - image Charger
Microtips Technology 3 White Chargers