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SID is an organization that is dedicated in bringing information about various types of display products to engineers, OEM and educators. SID is an excellent source of up to date information.

Evaluation Boards for Graphics Monochrome and Passive Color LCD’s

The following EPSON Research and Development site offers various level of support for their LCD controllers. If you require application notes, software and LCD controller evaluation boards please visit:
Liquid Crystal Displays Liquid Crystal Displays: Addressing Schemes and Electro-Optical Effects
by Ernst Lueder, Ernst Lauder

ISBN: 0471490296

Comments: This book is highly recommended. Easy to understand and very informative.

Electronic Display MeasurementElectronic Display Measurement: Concepts, Techniques, and Instrumentation
by Peter A. Keller

ISBN: 0471148571

Comments: This book explains difficult concepts clearly and describes delicate procedures step-by-step.

Optics of Liquid Crystal Displays Optics of Liquid Crystal Displays
by Pochi Yeh, Claire Gu

ISBN: 047118201X

Comments: This book is very technical in nature. It examines the Liquid Crystal structure from a Mathematical point of view. It does contain some informative explanation on addressing schemes.

Publications and Links of Interest

Information Display Magazine, Journal of the SID, Digest of Technical Papers

Wiley-SID Series in Display Technolobgy
A series of books in display technology for the practicing Engineer.

SID Publications Database

Display Selection Guide: A very informative article from EDN Magazine about determining the best display solution for your product.

How Stuff Works - LCD Dislays
How Stuff Works - LEDs
How Stuff Works explains just that, here's their take on LCDs and LEDs

Flat Panel Display Technologies
Asian Technology Information Program: Flat Panel Display Project

Liquid Crystal Gallery
Molecular Expressions has photographs taken under an Electron Microscope, see liquid crystals close up!

TFT Information
A summary of TFT technology from North Dakota State University

The LED Museum
Craig Johnson's LED Museum

EE Compendium
The EE Compendium is a resource for the working electronics engineer, with book and tool recommendations, microcontroller information, electronic projects, free source code, industry links, and much more.


Poptronics Poptronics is an electronic magazine that periodically publishes articles on LCDM and its applications. It is a great source for application notes for novice.

Please visit and type in LCD in the search box. You will find archived issue that deals with LCD's for purchase.

Following is an example of the type of tutorials that you can expect.

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