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White Papers
White Paper: “Benefits of VLCD over VFD”

Microtips Technology USA has released white papers called “Benefits of VLCD over VFD”. Available on the Microtips USA website, as well as the ThomasNet White Papers Library, this paper explores the alternative benefits of the newly engineered, vivid liquid crystal display (VLCD), in comparison to the already existing vacuum fluorescent displays (VFD). Differences in the technical specifications that highlight the advantages of the VLCD over the VFD are addressed, including a higher contrast and brightness (800:1 contrast), wider temperature ranges of OT= -30c to +80c and ST= -40c to +80c, and a lower cost. Available in various white, red, blue, and green alpha/ numeric texts, this VLCD white paper provides small-size LCD consumers with supported data that shows the VLCD option as the best choice for the technological needs of today's display module user.

Download (pdf): Benefits of VLCD over VFD pdf

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